Rohit Sharma addresses the media before the Bangladesh tour

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India will be playing 6 bilateral series including the ongoing tour of Bangladesh and the Asia Cup before the ODI World Cup in India. Rohit Sharma said that every match is important for the preparation for the World Cup. But the World Cup is still 8-9 months away and the management would not look so far ahead and will take each game at a time. 

“Every time you play a game, it is preparation for something that is going to come in the future,”

he said.

“But the World Cup is still eight to nine months [away] from now. We can’t think so far ahead. But yeah, we’ll keep an eye on what we need to do as a team, where we need to improve and see how it comes along for us.”

“I believe it’s very important for us not to start thinking about so many things – the World Cup, the combination, this guy or that guy. Me and coach [Rahul Dravid] have a fair idea as to what we want to do, and we’ll narrow it down once we get closer to the World Cup. But [for now] we just want to play good cricket until the World Cup.”

The skipper talking about Players getting rest

Rohit also highlighted that with such tight scheduling and constant matches, the players need an adequate amount of rest otherwise they might get overburdened. 

“People need to understand at times that we rest players,”

Rohit said,

“Give them a break. It’s [done] only to manage the workload keeping the bigger picture in mind. Cricket is not going to stop; there’s always going to be lots of cricket. But we have to manage ourselves and our players. You want your best players to play all the time, and with higher intensity. So it’s important to manage them.”

“The freshness of the players is also important. A lot of the guys have been on the road since before the World Cup. We played two series at home against Australia and South Africa, and we traveled straight to the World Cup from there. Some of the guys went to New Zealand, so they’ve been out for virtually two-and-a-half months.”

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