Chelsea: How the takeover will affect them in Transfer Market

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Roman Abramovic is selling Chelsea. Billionaire investors are circling around Chelsea. Chelsea takeover could potentially prove to be the biggest takeover in the football world.

The UK government has sanctioned Roman Abramovic and assets frozen which includes Chelsea. The club cannot sell tickets, merchandise and face a temporary ban in the transfer market until a takeover takes place.

Roman Abramovic: A Mastermind

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic was a perfect example of someone who loved football dearly. He was more of a fan rather than a football owner. He always allowed the manager to be in control of the club and allowed them full freedom of the club’s purchases. A prime example of this would be when Roman Abramovic asked Jose Mourinho if he wanted Ronaldinho but the Portuguese replied by asking for Didier Drogba. Abramovic approved and Drogba ended up being the club’s greatest players.

At the same time, Abramovic was ruthless with the managers and would sack them when the club started underperforming. He had previously sacked managers like Maurizio Sarri and Frank Lampard when the club when through a bad patch. The sacking of the latter caused Abramovic to approach German Coach Thomas Tuchel. Tuchel has transformed the club entirely on his own and won the Champions League the season he came in.

Abramovic essentially knew when to take control of the ship and when to allow someone else to control it.

Effect on the Transfer Market

Now as Abramovic is leaving, It is unsure as to who is going to take over Chelsea. A lot of question arises amidst the takeover and one does wonder if the new owner would be as ruthless yet as free as Abramovic.

If the new owner ends up being someone who buys random purchases like the Glazers, Chelsea could be in deep trouble. At the same time, if the new owner is someone who doesn’t buy players, Chelsea are in even more trouble. If the new owner buys every player the manager wishes, He may not be ruthless in making decisions.

Chelsea requires an owner who allows the manager to do as he wishes with the club but at the same time knows when to step in. This is essentially what Roman Abramovic did and exactly what made Chelsea Football Club so successful.

Roman Abramovic is leaving Chelsea and a new era of football is about to begin at Chelsea. Only time will tell how this affects the club.

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