Rooney sees Manchester United mounting titles as Ronaldo returns

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As Cristiano Ronaldo makes his return to Manchester United, his former teammate and United legend Wayne Rooney talk about United winning titles. The Red Devils had a great transfer window after getting their hands on three great players. First, Jadon Sancho, who was one of the top targets for the United this summer. Second Raphael Varane, he will be pairing up with Harry Maguire in the defensive line. And last the surprise one, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo made his return to Manchester United after leaving Old Trafford 12 years ago. The Red Devils signed him for 25 million as he was unhappy at Juventus, while his deal with Manchester City failed. And now making his return to his old home Manchester United are one of the title favorites.

However, some football pundits think otherwise because of his age as the legend has turned 36-year-old. But replying to that, Ronaldo was the top scorer in Serie A last season; top scorer in Euro 2020; and last but not least he is now the top international scorer with 111 goals.

While replying to the expert views Ronaldo’s former United teammate and red devils legend Wayne Ronney has also replied. Speaking in an interview and replying to that question Rooney said Ronaldo will lead Manchester United to former glory.

Rooney’s exact words were, What impact will Ronaldo have? An enormous one, I think he’s still one of the best players in the world.”  “I think United are finally ready to go and challenge for the title. [Ronaldo’s] going to be a big player. I think he’ll have very big moments in the season and I’m sure he’ll score a lot of goals.”

So, get ready to see a great season ahead with Cristiano Ronaldo leading the show with Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be leading Manchester United again but this time without Rooney

It is no doubt that Manchester United is one the greatest club in England and also in Europe following their success in earlier years. But saying that in current times following their results in the last few years it doesn’t seem to fit.

The Red Devils won their last Premier League title back in 2012/13 season; won the FA cup last in 2015/16 season. While they won the Europa League, English league cup, and Super Cup last in 2016/17 season. Seeing this it seems Manchester United have lost their path to their glory days.

Rooney Ronaldo, Six Sports

But now it might change with the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. With one last dance before hanging up his boots, he has taken up the task of returning the glory days to United fans. And his determination to be on top and win titles will definitely help the red devils for a great title challenge this season. So, fasten your seatbelt as we see Cristiano Ronaldo breaking records and win trophies this season.

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