Roy Keane believes that Kalvin Phillips will be fuming at West Ham United Manager

Former Manchester United icon, Roy Keane, gives his views on Kalvin Phillips and West Ham United. Keane says that Phillips will be furious at David Moyes for benching him on Sunday. The Hammers travelled to Old Trafford but were unable to win as The Red Devils annihilated them 3-0.

David Moyes started Kalvin Phillips against Bournemouth last week but dropped him back down to the bench on Sunday for the Manchester United clash. Now, Roy Keane reckons that Phillips won’t be happy one little bit with that. The Manchester City str is on a loan to West Ham since last month. The midfielder is surely a huge talent but was unable to start since July until last week against Bournemouth.

Keane was a guest on Sky Sports’ Super Sunday and suggested that the 28-year old will not be happy.

From the player’s point of view I think he’ll be fuming. You go out on loan to play some games you get 70 minutes, he’s a sitting midfielder so you use your intelligence there in terms of when to sprint.

Obviously David Moyes will be worried about him, in terms of picking up an injury but from the player’s point of view he has to get minutes, has to get games, now he’s gone from City and he’s sat on the bench and I think from the player’s point of view, he’ll be fuming.”

The decision to drop Phillips is very unusual for everyone though. He should have been dropped against Bournemouth rather than United. Atleast he must have had a half to display his impact on the game. Roy Keane was absolutely spot on with his criticism of David Moyes, and the way that the Scot has handled Kalvin Phillips so far.

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