Sachin Tendulkar becoming a likely prospect to take up some role in the BCCI

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Recent reports are floating in the air regarding BCCI’s secretary Jay Shah honestly approaching Sachin Tendulkar to take up a position in the BCCI.

Sachin played cricket for India for more than two decades and still has plenty of records to his name.

He made his Test debut at just 16 years and had dominated the cricket scene since then.

He has 34,000 international runs to his name and is celebrated by Indians all over the world.

If the BCCI manages to rope him in somehow, it will be a big boost to Indian cricket as Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Sourav Ganguly are already holding important positions in Indian cricket.

Shah in pursuit to convince Sachin Tendulkar

According to a Times of India report, Jay Shah is repeatedly trying to convince Tendulkar to take up a post in the BCCI.

According to some BCCI members,

He’s (Shah) been off the media radar but absolutely clear about what is the right thing to do. Little things that matter. For instance appointing Rahul Dravid as head coach, ensuring someone of the stature of VVS Laxman gets associated with the National Cricket Academy (NCA). We’re told he’s now trying to convince Sachin Tendulkar to get into some role in the near future.

If Sachin does decide to take up some role, he will have to let go of his mentorship of the Mumbai Indians as it will become a conflict of interest.

Fans of Sachin divided into two groups

As the news took to social media and became viral, there grew two groups of Sachin fans. The first group was all for Sachin to take up some role in the BCCI, while the others wanted the BCCI to stay away from their “God”.

Because of the recent chaos and controversy between Virat Kohli and the BCCI, fans of Sachin didn’t want him to get his hands dirty in this politics.

A number of tweets flared up after this news came to the fore.

It all depends on Master Blaster on whether he’s ready to take up a position on the Indian board or not.

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