Sensational Aaron Ramsdale grabs headlines after making fabulous saves

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Sensational Aaron Ramsdale performance helps Arsenal earn a point at Anfield. Gary Lineker labelled Ramsdale as sensational after his clutch saves during the final few minutes of the game.

Arsenal managed to escape with a point. It was an incredible game at Anfield. Jurgen Klopp’s men came back from 2-0 down to earn a point. They now have played an important role in the title race.

Arsenal need to thank Aaron Ramsdale for after two absolutely amazing saves in the final minutes of the contest. It seemed like Liverpool may go on and score a dramatic winner.

Aaron Ramsdale sensational again

Ramsdale throughout the season have dug Arsenal out of the hole many times. He has played his part of Arsenal were on to go and win the Premier League. Tough and gritty performances vs Tottenham and Liverpool have earned him respect from the rival fans. Ramsdale could be making a push to become England’s no 1 soon.

Lineker stunned by that Ramsdale performance

Firstly, Ramsdale somehow managed to get his fingertips on Salah’s deflected effort. It looked destined to find its way into the top corner of the goal.

But perhaps his second stop at the last minute was even more surprising. Ramsdale somehow managed to go across his line and paw away like a cat on Konate’s attempt on the goalline.

This Ramsdale performance could turn out to be one of the performances of the decade if they go on to win the league. Gary Lineker has now taken to twitter and praised the youngster.

Ramsdale is still young and has got a great future ahead of him. He will soon become England’s no 1.

It is fair to say that Ramsdale had a much busier game than he would have expected. When Arsenal went 2-0 up during the first-half he didn’t expect the game to have this sort of ending.

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