Shardul Thakur says that he’s being looked at as a three-format player for India by Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma

Shardul Thakur, Six Sports

Cricket is progressing at a faster pace. Players are playing a lot of matches and series comparatively with the older times. Some players are three format players for their nation and have to switch immediately from one format to another. But the switch is not so easy. The players have to be ready and trained accordingly. It is because the playing conditions and techniques are different in a different format. Meanwhile, Shardul is an upcoming asset for team India. He can give all-rounder performance whenever required. Recently he said he is considered a three-format player for India by Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma.

Shardul Thakur on being considered as Three Format Player

Shardul’s statement:

“In the first conversation between them and me, they conveyed to me that I am a three-format player for them. I am bowling well, getting wickets. Even in the last two white-ball series [against Zimbabwe and the West Indies] that I’ve played, I have taken wickets. So definitely looking for a national call again whenever they want my services. The moment T20 cricket was introduced, players had the challenge to switch between formats. As a professional, it’s our responsibility to switch immediately. In recent years, the switch has been happening a lot. It’s not the case where you play red ball first, you move on to ODIs and then T20Is, it all depends on what kind of schedule we have. I think as a player we just have to be ready. “

Shardul is constantly performing in IPL and domestic tournaments. He was called up to the national side. He possesses a good economy while bowling and can hit half-centuries too. He can assist Hardik and Jadeja in playing XI. Indian team schedule is very busy nowadays. So the players have to be fit and should be mentally prepared while switching different formats. He should get adapt to a different format as quickly as possible.

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