Should SRH retain captain Kane Williamson for 14 crores?

Kane Willamson

There has been a lot of debate over Kane Willamson‘s retention and expulsion from SRH. He is a great player as well as a leader. But his performance is dipping which is a matter of concern. Finally, Tom Moody opened himself on the matter and answered whether Kane should be retained by SRH for 14 crores.

Tom Moody’s view on retaining Kane Willamson

Moody states,

” It’s an interesting one for SunRisers, because when you commit at the beginning of a big auction to retain a player of the caliber of Kane Williamson at 14 crores, you would think that they are thinking about the long term. They’re thinking about the bigger picture. But clearly, he’s had a disastrous campaign in the last four months in T20 cricket, certainly not up to his standards. We know his quality as a leader. He’s a highly respected leader in the IPL and globally. So, it just depends on how much weight they put on that leadership. So, whether they release him or not. To me, 14 crores is a lot of money for any player.”

He indirectly said that 14 crore is a big amount and has to invest in a reliable player. Kane no doubt is a leader and also a good player who took New Zealand to many glories but his performances in recent time is a matter of concern. He was retained by SRH for a whooping price of 14 crores, this simply means they looked at him as a leader and player for a longer period of time. He has to perform according to his caliber. The question remains whether the leadership weight still will be on his shoulders or not. Similarly, whether he will be released or not.

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