Simon Doull questions why ‘genuine batters’ like Shreyas Iyer are not performing part-time bowlers’ duties

BCCI Asia Cup

India toured New Zealand for the white ball series. Often when a team wins a match, the negatives of a player or a team in common are overviewed by the win. Similarly, India won the 2nd t20i match convincingly but there were some negatives. Simon Doull’s questions have put up some concerns like why genuine batters like Shreyas Iyer are not performing part-time bowling duties.

Simon Doull questions over part-time bowling options

Simon statements,

“That has always been the problem. When Hardik was injured…what do we do next? I mean, Shardul did a great job in the Test series in Australia. These guys around will do. But I am talking about the genuine batters. Shreyas Iyer. Why is he not bowling a lot of off-spin? Not that there are any shortage of spinners in the Indian team to go and learn how to bowl off-spin. Why is he not doing it? That is my question about the situation. These young guys need to know what their future is.”

He basically pointed out the sixth bowling option which India lacks. Sometimes your main prime bowlers are unable to deliver their fullest. So at the same part-time bowlers can bowl. Fast bowling option, India has like Shardul, Deepak but the spin option is what India defers. So he meant why not genuine bowlers like Shreyas should bowl 2-3 over in between? So they can lessen their burden.

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