Spotify CEO to buy Arsenal with 3 club legends as co-owners?

Daniel Ek, Six Sports

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek have reportedly enlisted the support of three of Arsenal’s biggest names, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira, to make the offer in purchasing the Arsenal club. Henry has been the most outspoken of the three in his criticism of the club’s management.

Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira have all backed Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s offer to buy Arsenal from Stan Kroenke. Last week, demonstrations outside the Emirates Stadium erupted in response to Arsenal’s inclusion in the European Super League. Fans demand that Kroenke sell the club.

Daniel Ek, Six Sports

During the protests, Daniel Ek, the Swedish entrepreneur who created the music streaming service. He announced he was an Arsenal fan as a child. He would be interested in buying the north London club if the opportunity arose. The 38-year-old is worth £3.4 billion according to Forbes.

Daniel Ek will make a formal offer to Kroenke, whose son Josh faced a hostile reception at a fans’ forum last week.

During the call with supporters, the younger Kroenke insisted that “we have no intention of selling.” In order to increase the pressure on the Kroenke’s, he has brought in three club legends to make his bid more popular.

Daniel Ek, Six Sports

Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, and Patrick Vieira have well over 1000 appearances for Arsenal between them. Bergkamp and Vieira won three league titles with the club and Henry two. All three were part of the iconic Invincibles side in 2003-04, who won the Premier League without losing a game.

Henry has signaled his opposition to the Kroenke recently, telling the Telegraph at the weekend:

“They have been running the club like a company, not a football club, and they showed their hand. Maybe it’s a lack of understanding of the core football values and maybe the money was too big of a temptation. But whatever it was, they got it wrong. Badly wrong.

Daniel Ek founded Spotify in Stockholm in 2006 and they launched its legal streaming service in 2008. It has a reported 345 million active users and is valued at $51.9 billion.

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