Stefanos Tsitsipas shares another philosophical tweet

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Stefanos Tsitsipas is an active Tweet star. His weird tweets have always been something his fans are in love with. The Greek tennis player has his Twitter handle which goes by the name of @StefTsitsipas. He loves to tweet on philosophical topics, these are often based on his random personal experience.

Tsitsipas is different from the other tennis stars. He loves to tweet and post about everything that he likes unlike the stars posting only about tennis, travel, or training.

Recently the player wrote:

“I never realised how short an actual month is until I started paying rent.”

The fans quickly reacted by posting different points of view.

Few took his case slight differently, in reply one wrote

“I just paid my rent and I’m thinking from now to next month. I’m sure Stefanos will be able to buy a whole house in the meantime.”

“Nick Kyrgios probably been living rent free in your head since Wimbledon loss.”

another user commented.

It is extremely pleasing to see a tennis star sharing his daily experiences. And it’s something one would never get bored of.

“It’s not very pleasant to watch my son’s games,” says Nick Kyrgios’s mother

Kyrgios reached new career heights after he qualified for the finals of the Wimbledon Championship. He is a complete entertainer when you look at him from a spectator’s view. But he doesn’t make things easy for his box-mates. Always hungry and devastated by the wrong shots, complains almost all the time to the match referee.

As his mother told a reporter:

“For me it is not a pleasant experience to watch my son’s game.”

Whereas his brother looks at things differently as he says :

“Being in his box can be an uncomfortable experience, but it wouldn’t be Nick if he didn’t show his ferocity on the pitch. He tries to keep the intensity high and thinks it’s the best way.”

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