Steve Smith backs Warner to keep playing for ‘as long as he likes’

Smith Warner

Steve Smith does not have any doubt about the position of David Warner on the Test side. Smith said that Warner may continue playing for ‘as long as he likes’ and he is still one of the best.  

“I don’t see why not. He’s fit and I don’t see any reason why he can’t continue playing. He was certainly seeing the ball pretty well today, so fingers crossed he can keep playing well and he can play for as long as he likes.”

There was a lot of pressure on David Warner ahead of the Boxing Day Test match. The opener had already been involved in the off-field controversy and been vocal about the misconduct by Cricket Australia. But he silenced his critics with a stellar performance with the bat scoring a double century in his 100th Test match. Warner was cramping up as he was approaching the double hundred but stood firm until the completion of his double hundred. Then he retired with a standing ovation from the crowd.

Smith on Warner cramping during the innings

Smith said that Warner started hitting the ball more cleanly as he started to cramp.  

“The more he started to cramp, the more shots he started to play and everything seemed to be coming out of the middle. It was an amazing knock and nice to be up the other end for a large chunk of it. I was doing my thing and he was doing his. It was just like, ‘Keep batting’. He was like, ‘I’m cramping.’ I was like, ‘Good. Just keep going,”

Smith said. 

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