Sunil Gavaskar worried about Rohit Sharma’s injury

Sunil Bowler

Rohit Sharma injured his thumb while fielding during the second ODI against Bangladesh. The skipper copped a blow to his left thumb and split his webbing in the process with blood dripping from his palm. The Rohit was taken for scans, according to a statement made public by the BCCI shortly after. The fact that Rohit did not come back for the rest of the innings and did not even start India’s batting suggested that the injury might be significant.

Sunil Gavaskar said

Sunil Gavaskar has expressed his concern over the injury of Rohit Sharma saying that it might be more serious than expected.  

“It is a bit of a worry because he hasn’t been on the field since he got injured. So the injury could be a little more serious than what we know and that is the worry. There is still another one-day game left and two Test matches after that so hopefully it is nothing serious and they are just taking precautions in ensuring that he doesn’t have to bat,”

Gavaskar said during the mid-innings interval.

“He hasn’t as yet opening the batting in the 50-overs game. It’s a matter of just going one step up. If KL Rahul wasn’t a regular opening batsman, then it would have been a logical thing for the No. 3 batsman to come up but Rahul has been opening the batting. The only thing might be that they want to give him a breather because he has kept wickets and captained as well,”

added Gavaskar.

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