Suryakumar’s whirlwind knock makes Maxwell gasp in awe

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Words and adjectives are falling short to describe the ever-impressive Suryakumar Yadav. Even King Kohli himself admired Suryakumar in one of his tweets describing his innings as another “video game innings”.
Thanks to his outstanding performance with the bat in T20Is, which has quickly propelled him to the top of the world rankings for T20I batters, Suryakumar is more than deserving of the praise that is coming his way. He has scored 1408 runs in 40 innings at an astounding strike rate of 180.97.
The Big Show Glenn Maxwell talking to Grade Cricketer Podcast told that he was in awe seeing the innings of Suryakumar Yadav. Maxwell described how he had just checked the innings scorecard and sent it to Aaron Finch when he decided to watch a replay of Suryakumar’s 111-run innings against New Zealand in the second T20I.

Maxwell’s Confession

“I saw the scorecard from the first innings. I screenshot it and sent it straight to Finchy and I said ‘What is going on here?’ This bloke is batting on a different planet. I said, ‘Look at everyone else’s scores and look at this bloke that’s 111 off 50’. So the next day I watched the full replay on Kayo and watched the whole innings,”

Maxwell said.

“The embarrassing thing is he’s so much better than everyone else. It’s actually hard to watch. It’s like ‘Ohh god!'”

Maxwell said.

“No one we’ve got is close to that. Suryakumar Yadav is doing it in such a bizarre, ungainly way where he’s hitting the middle of the bat by just like stepping across, deciding to sweep somebody who’s bowling 145 from off the wicket on the other side. And then just putting his head down walking down chewing some gum, glove tap, bat tap, and off he goes again and does it again.”

“He’s playing some of the most ridiculous shots I’ve ever seen. He’s doing it stupidly consistently. It’s just actually a bit hard to watch because it makes everyone else look so much worse for not being able to do that,”

he added.

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