Teams to be joint winners if the WTC final ends in a draw or a tie

WTC final, Six Sports

Introduced by the ICC with the aim to contextualize Test cricket, which was increasingly losing its shimmer amongst the many competitive short-format tournaments is coming to an end. After fighting hard for two years, the World Test Championship(WTC) has finally found its top-two contenders in India and New Zealand.

India and New Zealand will be crowned joint winners of the inaugural World Test Championship in case the final ends in a draw or a tie, the ICC confirmed on Friday. And while there is a reserve day, it will come into play only if time lost during the five regular days – June 18 to 22 – is not made up on those days.

The original draft of the playing conditions for the inaugural cycle of the WTC (2019-21) had been laid out in 2018 itself, the ICC has now updated it for the final game.

ICC on WTC final:

On Friday, the ICC reiterated that the reserve day will only be a contingency measure and would not be used to get to a result in case the “five full days of play” are not enough to separate the two teams.

“The reserve day has been scheduled to ensure five full days of play, and it will only be used if lost playing time cannot be recovered through the normal provisions of making up lost time each day.”

WTC final, Six Sports

There will be no additional day’s play if a positive result is not achieved after five full days of play and the match will be declared a draw in such a scenario. The match referee will regularly update the teams during the match.

“The ICC match referee will regularly update the teams and media about the way in which the reserve day may be used. The final decision on whether the reserve day needs to be used will be announced at the scheduled start of the last hour on the fifth day.”

The reserve day cannot be used to procure a result or outcome but only to compensate for the lost time or overs. It has been clarified that if some overs are lost because of weather or bad light during the regular five days, only that many overs will be played on the reserve day, and not an entire day will be used to get to an outcome.

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