The Hundred to introduce women’s draft from 2023

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In 2023, The Hundred will for the first time use a draught method to choose players for the women’s competition.

At least 32 players will be signed by the eight Hundred clubs in the women’s draught, which will take place concurrently with the men’s event in March, according to the ECB, marking a first for women’s professional sport in the UK.

The draught will be the second of the women’s tournament’s three recruitment phases. The first is the window for player retention, which will start the next month and last until January.

Teams are only permitted to keep three marquee players—either foreign superstars or English core contracts—and a total of four players throughout this time. Players are not required to consent to the retention

Beth Barett Wild – Head of Women’s Hundred statement

The impact of The Hundred on the women’s game after just two editions of the competition has been enormous, generating unprecedented levels of visibility, making household names of our brilliant female players, and driving performance standards.

The inclusion of a draft going into year three builds on all of this. It demonstrates progress off the field, and also acts to support all eight teams in creating evenly balanced squads on the field, with the aim of delivering the most exciting contest yet for fans to enjoy.

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