‘The legend’ Arsene Wenger backs Arsenal to win the title

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Former legendary manager Arsene Wenger backs Arsenal to win the Premier League. He has a soft spot for Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is a lengendary figure at Arsenal. He has helped Arsenal win 3 Premier League titles. This includes the only invincible title by an English Premier League team. Arsene Wenger is considered as a fatherly figure at Arsenal. He is the manager who brought change in the way English football is played.

Wenger backs his former club to go all the way even though City are catching up. Wenger believes this set of young and bright Arsenal players are the future of this club. He wants Arsenal to be back in the elites competitions and fight for the titles again.

Arsene Wenger chooses his beloved Arsenal to win the League

Wenger loves Arsenal and it’s no secret. He wants the best for his former club. The legendary manager had spend 22 years at the club. Evethough things got sour towards the end of his tenure, the fans still remember the good times.

Arsene Wenger in a recent interview says:-

‘Arsenal and these players have not been in the position to win the league before

‘Hopefully they win it this year and next year it will be easier. But now, when you have never won it, there will be a moment in the season when the tension comes in.

‘When you start thinking more about the need to win than the process and how to play, it gets difficult. I felt that at Arsenal when I was there too.’

What you want in this position is to have things in your hand. If Arsenal win their games, they win the league so that’s an ideal position with a few games to go.

‘Of course, Man City have an opportunity when they play Arsenal and that could be the decider in the championship.

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