Thiago Alcantara’s unfortunate last season at Liverpool

Thiago Alcantara came to Liverpool in 2020 from Bayern Munich. There was great expectation from the midfielder when he came to Anfield, however, he suffered several injuries. The 33-year-old made only one appearance this season against Arsenal. Moreover, he suffered another injury during that game despite playing for only 12 minutes. The midfielder missed the first half of the season with a hip injury before making his return as a substitute against Arsenal. Thiago Alcantara has been out again since his injury against Arsenal. In 2022, Klopp was impressed with the midfielder’s performance.

After facing Villareal in the 2022 Champions League semi-finals, Klopp said,

“When Thiago is in the shape he’s in now, he would play for any team in the world and that is Spain as well. They are an incredibly talented team but the shape he’s in, he’d play for every national team.”

Unfortunately, in his four years at Anfield, Thiago Alcantara barely got to perform due to his injury struggles. The 33-year-old has been unable to deal with the physical demands of the Premier League and may part ways with Liverpool this season.

Liverpool have no option but to part ways with Thiago Alcantara

Despite Klopp’s belief that Alcantara could fit in any team, unfortunately, nothing like that was seen at Anfield. The player suffered several injuries throughout his time at Liverpool that hindered his performance. Moreover, selling him seems like the best option for Liverpool. The Spaniard will be allowed to leave after his current contract with Liverpool expires. Although the circumstances were unfortunate, it is best for both, the player and the club to part ways.

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