Thomas Tuchel not happy with the new UCL format

Thomas Tuchel, Six Sports

Thomas Tuchel is the new Premier League boss to criticize UEFA’s proposed Champions League expansion.

Both Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have slammed European football’s governing body’s attempts to restructure the league. This will see teams play more matches.

Since taking over at Stamford Bridge from club legend Frank Lampard. The Blues have become a force to be reckoned with.

“All these discussions about a Super League made us forget that we have a new format of Champions League soon.”

Thomas Tuchel, Six Sports

Thomas Tuchel’s Interview

Tuchel moaned that players and coaches taking part in the competition were left in the dark over the changes to the format. 

They didn’t ask me. Did they ask any player about it? I don’t think so. We have so many new formats with the Nations League, the world championship for clubs coming soon. There’s so much new stuff, so many more games, and more teams in the European Championship this summer.

The German Coach was also unhappy with the less number of substitutions allowed in the Premier League. All the other leagues around the world allow 5 subs, but the proposal had failed in England.

The reforms to Europe’s largest club competition will take effect in 2024, with one of the most significant changes being the increase in the number of teams from 32 to 36.

Instead of six group matches in a group stage of three other clubs, group sizes will be increased to provide a merged league stage for all teams.

Any team will now play at least ten league stage games against ten separate teams, five at home and five on the road.

The top eight teams from the league stage will advance to the knockout stage, while the teams in ninth to 24th place will take part in a two-legged play-off for a place in the competition’s last 16.

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