Throwback: Vettel bows before the Bull

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Vettel bows to ‘Hungry Heidi’.

Vettel came into the 2013 season after an iconic title fight with Fernando Alonso last year that went down to the wire at the season finale in Brazil.

He started the season strongly with wins in Malaysia, Bahrain, Canada and Germany.

His win in Malaysia became a cause of controversy as he went against Red Bull’s “multi 21” team orders and denied Mark Webber victory. Vettel apologized afterward to the team, although he later refused to apologize for winning.

However, comfortable wins in Bahrain, and Canada left no doubt that Sebastian Vettel was the man to beat in 2013.

Vettel had struggled with 2013 tyres in the early races as they allowed his rivals a chance to catch him. However, with tyre failures in the British Grand Prix, FIA decided to switch back to the 2012 spec tyres.

Post the summer break, through a combination of the new tyre compounds and Red Bull’s continued development of the RB9, Vettel had the means to achieve an almost unprecedented feat in Formula One history. 

At the Indian Grand Prix, Vettel dominated the race and secured his fourth title with three races to go. What followed were the celebrations that will forever be remembered by the German. Vettel pulled out some celebratory donuts and then bowed before the mighty Bull.

Vettel set a new record as he went on a rampage, winning 9 out of 9 races from Belgium, all the way to Brazil. However, all of his 9 wins weren’t slam-dunk pole-to-flag wins. In Italy, Vettel had nursed a damaged tyre in the first stint and an ailing gearbox in the second stint.

Vettel and his RB9, also known as  ‘Hungry Heidi’, won 13 races out of 19, as arguably the best driver in the best car that season, absolutely annihilated the opposition.

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