Todd Woodbridge’s ruling on Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open suspension: ‘Doesn’t matter’

Novak Djokovic

As Novak Djokovic waits to find out about his Australian Open suspension, Todd Woodbridge has spoken on the controversy. Whether the federal government will waive his three-year admission restriction so he can participate in the Grand Slam tournament 2023?

Following a three-year automatic entry restriction, Djokovic’s participation in the Australian Open now depends on the federal government. Upon his deportation at the beginning of 2022. When the Number 7 in the world came to Melbourne in January for the competition, his visa was revoked twice. He was expelled despite winning his first appeal but losing his second.

All emigrants are immediately barred from returning to Australia for three years, however, this can be challenged. However he 21-time Grand Slam champion is expecting to compete again in January after missing the Australian Open this year.

Politicians and the general public have recently been divided over Djokovic’s desire to revisit Australia. Todd Woodbridge, a tennis legend from Australia, has now voiced his opinion.

“I think it’s important not to let emotions get in the way,”

the 16-time Grand Slam champion in men’s doubles said lately.

Woodbridge asserted that the government should handle matters and that individual viewpoints on Djokovic didn’t “count.” He continued:

“Whether you like Novak as a player or you don’t like him as a player. What matters is what the facts are about whether he is allowed to come to Australia.

We have to remember that approximately three weeks after the Australian Open, all the rules were changed because of which he had problems, i.e. with which the government had problems.

“For almost 12 months we have had a completely changed situation regarding coming to Australia, now there are no Covid restrictions and rules.”

“There would have been other people in similar circumstances that have also had their visas canceled- Karen Andrews

Djokovic’s difficulties this year began when he didn’t have the necessary vaccination when he entered Australia. The limitations will be eased after his suspension ended, enabling the nine-time Australian Open winner to return and compete again.

However, a number of politicians have questioned whether this is the best course of action. Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews stated:

There would have been other people in similar circumstances that have also had their visas canceled.

“So if immigration now chooses to make a special allowance for Novak Djokovic the obvious question is what are they going to do about anyone else who may be in similar circumstances?”

If Djokovic’s suspension did not jeopardize Australia’s immigration system, this is lifted. According to Dan Tehan, the opposition’s minister of tourism.

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