Top coach: “I’m not sure if you can classify Novak Djokovic as…

Novak Djokovic

In a privileged interview with the publication Il Sole 24 Ore, Andrea Gaudenzi.

“For tennis, we are in the midst of a turning point. Because the time has come to monetize its popularity: it is unthinkable that the fourth sport in the world in a number of fans has a 1.3% share of television rights”.

The Association of Tennis Professionals President has chosen to wager on one of the top businesses. Devoted to the online distribution of entertainment content such as movies and TV shows. Netflix has been following the most significant competitions on the major circuit. Week by week this year to give viewers a more thorough understanding of all that goes on both the slopes and off.

“As some of the great sports teach us, from American basketball to Formula 1, the ability to build a premium offer allows us to expand the market by raising the quality of the experience offered: only in this way can we capture and retain the attention of our billion of fans.”

One of the most frequently posed queries among insiders and broadcasters relates to tennis’ future following the Big 3’s departure. At the Laver Cup, Roger Federer played his final match alongside Rafael Nadal and said goodbye to the wonderful sport. The Mallorcan and Novak Djokovic appear unwilling to contemplate a future departure.

 “Is the departure of the big three likely to ruin the party? I don’t think so. If we look back, the recent history of tennis has been marked by cycles and rivalries that have always known how to renew themselves,”

stated Gaudenzi.

Mouratoglou considers Djokovic

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou of 2022 Paris Masters champion Holger Rune has praised 21-time Grand Slam champion, Novak Djokovic.  

“I don’t know if you can categorize Novak as a Serbian tennis player,”

he stated.

“Of course he’s Serbian, but I think he’s much more than Serbian. He’s an exceptional champion. Maybe the greatest. We’ll see. So it’s probably, to play Novak in a final of a tournament is probably the greatest challenge possible,”

he added.

“The only way to prepare a match against him is to have a very clear plan and be able to manage one’s emotions and manage all the situations you will have to go through. We went through so many different scenarios during this match.

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