Turkish billionaire Murshan Bayrak close to completing takeover at Chelsea?

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In a recent interview, Turkish billionaire Murshan Bayrak has confirmed that he is really close to finding an agreement with Roman Abramovich to complete the takeover at Chelsea.

When Roman Abramovich made his decision to sell the club public, a number of names from the US and Saudi Arabia were straight away linked with the takeover. But reports now suggest that the Turkish billionaire Murshan Bayrak’s bid for the club has advanced. According to reports, American billionaire Boehly and Swiss magnate Wyss also made a bid for the club.

Reports earlier this month suggest that Roman Abramovich was expecting offers close to the £4billion mark. But reports coming out of England suggested that Murshan Bayrak was planning to make a deal for around £2.5billion. But in the recent interview, Bayrak confirmed that his offer for the club was below the reported £2.5billion fee.

The Turkish Billionaire also confirmed that he and Roman Abramovich both believe that there is a good ‘90% chance of the deal being done and the takeover to be complete in the next few days. But reports suggest that Abramovich is still expecting bids from a number of US investors and a number of current sports franchises in the upcoming days.

What did Murshan Bayrak say about the Chelsea takeover?

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During a recent interview with Oda TV (via Sport Witness) talking about his bid for Chelsea, Murshan Bayrak said:

“We have reached a certain stage,”  “Our law and finance department will start talks with theirs in London on Thursday. That’s the way it is at this point. On Thursday, we will notify the Public Disclosure Platform.

“People are talking about it, we made some progress in the talks, and the world believes we have a 90% chance of completing the deal. Abramovich thinks the same.”

“I won’t tell you the exact figure. We need to manage this process very well, or we will lose,” “There are countries in the world that don’t want Turkey to buy it. Let’s keep this a little secret. Let’s get the consent by Thursday. “We didn’t give that price (£2.5billion) to the British press. Our offer is under that, I’ll at least say that.”

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