UAE Cricket Board intends to Put Associate Cricket on the path to financial Self Sufficiency

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The primary goal of each Full Member as well as Associate Member of the UAE’s ILT20 persists to expand the game at the regional level. UAE cricket wishes to discover new skillsets, provide chances for improvement, and ensure the game’s long-term viability. This dedication has the full backing of its Franchisees, corporate partners, and interested parties.

The ILT20 is not simply a “cut-and-paste” of what exists in the “T20 League” entire globe, which is what many Full Member leagues have embraced. This is what has attracted franchisees to the model. People who can afford the privilege of enough time to put in place for the organizational purpose to build a potent domestic pool. In addition to financing from the International Cricket Council, the association that supervises their sport. In contrast, the UAE gets below one-eighth of what a Full Member gains at the ICC.

Those who are associated with the ILT20 are adamant that it be applauded and backed as genuine competition. It will profit both participants and the whole cricket ecosphere. The ILT20 is a forward-thinking, creative model that strives to provide opportunities for those who prove skills and devotion. And not be strangled or dominated by others’ positions in the game today.

The UAE’s academies and councils have recommended regional players for cognizance. Some are currently being recognized by the franchise owners, and discussions are underway. This is completed with the knowledge that each franchise’s starting XI will include 2 UAE-based Cricketers.

The ICC has granted the ILT20 a multi-year license, which includes the likes of Associate Cricket. Introducing UAE players to high-level, ICC-approved international games is beneficial to Associate Cricket.

ILT20 remains committed to creating a long-term economic and growth strategy for Associate Members and anybody else who requires to look over and above ICC funds as a backup. Cricket can only grow if international-level sportsmen, specialists, and sports executives are introduced to such endeavors.

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