Verstappen & Perez to use different floor designs for the upcoming races

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Sergio Perez has stated that Red Bull will continue to use various floor specs on their drivers’ cars at this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen continues to use the team’s current floor design, while Red Bull switched the floor on Perez’s car to an earlier specification.

Perez, who confirmed the decision to compare the two specs was prompted by the team.

“We just have different floors for now,”

“It’s going to be, we’re going to have this floor for the next few events, and we will try to get a better read.”

The floor spec on Perez’s Red Bull has a cut in the front of the rear wheels. This layout was last seen at the British Grand Prix in July.

Verstappen won the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend, despite starting 14th, 12 positions behind teammate Perez.

Perez admitted,

“He was super fast last weekend, really strong,”

“I’ve been on the sim this week trying to understand everything and hopefully I am able to get another gear on my side.”

Perez, however, wasn’t worried about his pace deficit to Verstappen.

 “I finished, what, 17 seconds behind and Max started P something?

“I think if you have a bad weekend and your team mate has a good weekend normally that sort of gap, we’ve seen it with other team mates.”

Perez has stated numerous times throughout recent races that he finds the Red Bull more challenging to drive as the team developed the car through the season.

“I think in the beginning I was more comfortable,”

“I would feel like every time I came to a weekend in FP1, I was already easily happy with the balance and things were coming natural.

“As the season progressed I felt like it has become harder and harder, every weekend I have to really to dig deep into the analysis and I’m not as comfortable I was with the car before.”

Verstappen is known to prefer a car with an unstable rear end and a sharp turn-in. Perez said the development of the car has been in that direction to help Verstappen.

“The car has developed and has gone into a certain direction. But right now my main focus is to make sure I am able to get on top of the car.”

Perez currently stands 3rd in the championship, 109 points behind Verstappen who is leading the championship.

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