Virat Kohli challenges Rishabh Pant ahead of T20 World Cup


India captain Virat Kohli could be seen having some fun banter with his wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant in the buildup to the T20 World Cup. In a video put out by the official broadcasters of the tournament for India, Kohli can be seen reminding Pant that there are a lot of wicketkeepers in the Indian team and they’ll see who plays in the warm-ups.

India’s skipper Virat Kohli is seen with Rishabh Pant in the recent ad. They both were having fun banter related T20 world cup. Rishabh is appointed as the main wicket-keeper for the tournament while KL Rahul and Ishan Kishan can also be considered in case of urgency.

In the video that was released by the official Indian broadcaster of the tournament. Kohli is seen mocking Pant that there are many options for a wicket-keeper for the team India currently. So, why you…Rishabh?

After MS Dhoni, can Rishabh Pant be the next gem for India in T20 world cup?

MS Dhoni has won many matches for team India with his wicket-keeping, batting and leadership capabilities. And being a wicket-keeper batsmen, Pant points out the same that he has the same capability. And Virat Kohli gives a smile to this and says of course “Rishabh, sixes win you matches tournaments in T20 cricket.”

Though, Ishan Kishan and KL Rahul have the potential of doing the same. But since everyone’s different, Pant comes with his own story and potential. Thus when asked by Kohli, Rishabh replies-

“Don’t worry Virat bhaiya, I am practicing every day. It was a wicketkeeper that won India a World Cup by hitting a six,” referring to Dhoni who finished the 2011 World Cup final with six at the Wankhede Stadium, thereby securing India’s second world title.

Virat replies to this jokingly and says-

“Yes,” Kohli responded, “but India hasn’t had a wicket-keeper like Mahi bhai since then.” He says that Team India has many options for a wicket-keeper batsmen for the T20 world cup. And Pant seemed ready to prove himself in the tournament. Then Virat Kohli smiles and tell Rishabh to wait for the opportunity as tournament like this requires attention and accuracy. Kohli says, “Let’s see who plays in the warm-up.”

India have played their warm-up matches and won both the games. In the first match, Rishabh Pant was tested as a wicket-keeper batsman. And he performed really well with both gloves and bat. Meanwhile, KL Rahul and Ishan Kishan performed beautifully. Kishan also kept the wickets saved with his gloves in the second warm-up while Pant was rested to test other players.

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