VVS Laxman to end his duties in Bengal Cricket for internal reasons

VVS Laxman, Six Sports

It is heard that VVS Laxman may no longer be Vision’s batting coach. This created a lot of controversies. In the end, the CAB said in a statement that the contract with Laxman was being extended. It was said that the contract with VVS has been extended till next March. But will VVS stay until March at all?

VVS Laxman unhappy, may resign between contract period

The former Indian batsman arrived in the city on Sunday afternoon. He started training with Bengal cricketers on Monday. He has done a ten-day camp. Even though if this is VVS’s last camp with Bengal cricketers, it will come as no surprise.

VVS Laxman, Six Sports

No matter how much he keeps the CAB contract until March 2022! “Maybe this is going to be my last camp with you,” VVS told the cricketers before practice. “I don’t know if I will come before Ranji or not. Maybe I won’t come again. “

VVS Laxman to end responsibilities at Bengal

Everyone on the team was shocked to hear this from VVS. Many people say that looking at VVS, it seems that he is quite upset. It’s not as funny as before. It is heard that VVS’s relationship with a CAB official is not very good. It is learned that even the controversy that erupted a couple of months ago has reached Laxman’s ears.

Laxman had earlier wanted to relinquish his responsibilities to Vision. Then such a debate again!

VVS Laxman, Six Sports

Laxman may be unhappy with the whole thing. One of the team members said, “We have done so many camps with him before. I have never seen VVS like this. Always smiling. This time quite seriously. I don’t know if he will come again.” CAB officials claim that Laxman has a seven-month contract. But until then, there will be VVS at all!

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