‘We were a little scared of him’-Prithvi recalls Dravid as coach in U-19 WC

Prithvi Dravid, Six Sports

Prithvi Shaw and Rahul Dravid combined to bring home the ICC U-19 World Cup 2018 trophy as India won their fourth title in history. Shaw was the team captain and Dravid head coach as they beat Australia in the final.

Since then, Shaw has graduated to the next stage, playing international cricket for India and he has now recalled the experience of working with Dravid.

Prithvi on Coaching style of Dravid:

Throwing light on how the batting legend’s process of guiding youngsters, and him in particular, Prithvi revealed that Dravid doesn’t force anyone to change their natural game and only chips in when mistakes are repeated.

We toured together with sir (Dravid) before world cup (U-19) also. He never forced any player to be like him. He didn’t change anything in batting. Told me to stick to my natural game. He knew if I play the Powerplay overs, then it’s difficult to get me out,” Prithvi told.

Prithvi Dravid, Six Sports

He mostly talked about the mental aspect, tactics, and how to approach a game. He never spoke much – just during meetings. Wanted us to enjoy the game. If we are repeating mistakes then only he’ll come and tell you about it,” he added.

Prithvi was scared of Dravid off-field:

Prithvi revealed that the U-19 squad was a bit scared of Dravid but off the field, he was completely different. “With Rahul sir, you have to be disciplined. We were a little scared of him. Off the field, he was quite friendly with us, used to join us for dinner, Sitting with a legend like him was a dream come true. Every youngster dreams of that,” he said.

Prithvi Dravid, Six Sports

I am sure he’s also gone through the phases of U-19 cricket. So he knew exactly what to get in from us during the tour. Used to speak with each player specifically,” he added.

The 21-year-old Prithvi Shaw has played five Tests and 3 ODIs so far since making international debut in 2018. He’s sort of on a comeback trail having been plagued by issues on and off the field.

For Prithvi, captaining the India U-19 team was a dream come true. “It was a dream captaining. A proud moment when we won the world cup. We were actually a really good team,” he said.

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