West Ham focused on another Brazilian after a disappointing deal

Transfer market is about to open and West Ham wants to make the best use of it. They are determined to improve their defensive line this season. Recently failing short in their pursuit of Fabricio Bruno from Flamengo, they have now another target to pursue.

Its not a simple procedure to make moves in the transfer market given the intricate details of the contract the financial situation. Such has been the case for West Ham in their pursuit of Fabrício Bruno. Despite Steidten’s persistent efforts in Brazil, discussions with Flamengo reached an impasse, prompting the club to explore alternative options. This frustration has led Steidten to remain in Brazil, where he successfully secured a deal for Luis Guilherme but has now turned his attention to Vitão.

Who is Vitão?

Vitão, a central defender for Internacional, has emerged as a viable target for West Ham. At 24 years old, Vitão has shown considerable promise and has become a key player for Internacional, known as Colorado. His performances have not gone unnoticed, with West Ham seeing potential value in his acquisition, especially when contrasted with the high valuation of other targets, such as Wolves’ Max Kilman, who is quoted at £40 million.

The Brazilian Market Appeal

West Ham’s focus on the Brazilian market for defensive reinforcements might raise eyebrows. However, the strategy seems driven by a combination of value and potential. Brazilian clubs often offer talented players at more affordable prices compared to their European counterparts. This economic efficiency is crucial for clubs like West Ham, who need to balance their budget while enhancing squad depth.

Negotiation and Valuation

Initial reports indicate that West Ham is preparing an offer of 8 million euros for Vitão. However, Internacional values the player at 10 million euros, owning 80% of his economic rights. The remaining 20% is controlled by Vitão’s representatives, necessitating a comprehensive agreement to adhere to third-party ownership rules—a familiar challenge for many clubs navigating the complex South American transfer market.

The information, initially reported by “Revista Colorada” and confirmed by GOAL, suggests that negotiations are ongoing, with Steidten and West Ham looking to finalize terms that satisfy all parties involved.

The Fit for West Ham

In terms of playing style and potential impact, Vitão could be a significant addition to West Ham’s defense. Known for his strong tackling, aerial ability, and composure on the ball, Vitão fits the profile of a modern center-back. His ability to read the game and make crucial interventions would provide stability and reliability to the Hammers’ backline.

Moreover, Vitão’s experience in the highly competitive Brazilian Serie A, coupled with his potential for further development, makes him an attractive prospect. His signing would not only bolster West Ham’s defense but also bring a fresh perspective and dynamic to the team.

Financial Considerations and Strategic Planning

The potential signing of Vitão reflects West Ham’s strategic approach to the transfer market. With the club’s summer transfer budget under careful scrutiny, finding value deals without compromising on quality is paramount. The 8 to 10 million euros range for Vitão presents a financially sensible option compared to the inflated prices of Premier League defenders.

Additionally, this move aligns with the broader trend of European clubs looking to South America for emerging talent. The region has consistently produced top-tier players who have succeeded in Europe, and West Ham’s investment in Vitão could prove to be a masterstroke.


As West Ham navigate the complexities of the transfer market, their pursuit of Vitão underscores the club’s commitment to strengthening the squad with strategic, value-driven signings. While the frustration with Fabrício Bruno’s negotiations persists, the focus on Vitão provides a promising alternative that could pay dividends both on and off the pitch.

Securing Vitão would not only enhance West Ham’s defensive options but also demonstrate the club’s ability to adapt and find solutions in challenging situations. With Tim Steidten leading the charge, the Hammers’ faithful can be optimistic about the potential arrival of another talented Brazilian defender, ready to make his mark in the Premier League.

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