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What Can Manchester United Change Their Run OF Form?

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Manchester United have been in quite the slump in their form in games during the last 5 games in the season. While this could be contributed to many factors such as injuries. One must realise that Manchester United has the squad depth to fill 2 teams. One is a title-winning team. While the other could win the domestic cup due to the amount of strength of the talent.

Manchester United has had quite the dip in their form in the last 5 games in the season. Recently in the UEFA Champions League, they faced Villarreal 2-1. This came after a late goal in the 95th minute by Cristiano Ronaldo. This did change the look of the last 5 game form sheet. Currently, it looks likes LWLLW with Manchester United. They had been knocked out of the EFL Cup due to their loss against West Ham. While it was quite the upset. It was more shocking due to the manner how the team performed against West Ham. The team were wasteful with their chances during the game. They had a total of 27 shots and only 6 were on target. This shows that while the team has been creating chances but have been quite wasteful.

What Can Manchester United Change Their Run OF Form?, Six Sports

Is Cristiano Ronaldo The Issue For Manchester United Form

It was stated by many that Cristiano Ronaldo is a luxury player to have within a football team at this time. While his goal scoring has been absolutely brilliant for a while now it is the other parts of his game which tend to lead to minor issues. Due to his age, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t much involved in most of the defensive transition or organization for the team. He prefers to stay close to the defenders to make a run in during a break or drift wide to receive the ball. Many would agree with this thought process it must be stated that he has been scoring goals for the team at crucial moments. So the idea that he is harming the team or being bad for them for now isn’t fully proven.

But the need for the team to have changed their system due to him is quite prominent. While Manchester United are defending the ball Cristiano Ronaldo’s Presence being absent can be present. Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen trying to mostly make runs which would be the last touch before the goal. Instead of trying to drop deep and help create chances for the team. While being a poacher due to his similar patterns of playing, it can be seen by coaches all around. If one of the defenders of a team is made to man-mark him until a certain point of the pitch. Cristiano Ronaldo would immediately be made void and cant be able to help the team in the manner he wishes to.

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