What did Darwin Nunez say to Van Dijk after missing a big chance for Liverpool vs Rangers?

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Darwin Nunez was spotted exchanging a few words with Virgil Van Dijk after missing a big chance for Liverpool against Rangers.

Nunez started the game for Liverpool with a slight change in formation from their usual one. Due to good goalkeeping, he couldn’t able to hit past the net. Although, Liverpool won 2-0 a goal for Nunez would have kickstarted his season.

What did Nunez really say to Van Dijk?

In the 42nd minute of the game, Nunez met with a big chance that he was unable to convert to a goal after which he was spotted saying some words to Van Dijk. He said,

“No quiere entrar hermano”

which translated into English says.

“It doesn’t want to go in brother”(the ball).

According to Jurgen Klopp, Nunez is yet to learn English. Not knowing English sometimes hinders him to understand the team talk of Jurgen Klopp and he has to ask teammates who speak Spanish to translate whatever The boss says.

Stuttering start for Uruguayan in England

Darwin Nunez was brought in to t replace Sadio Mane. After doing pretty well in the pre-season and the FA cup final, Nunez is founding it hard to get used to a new league. He’s only managed to bag one goal only.

With Erling Haaland in out-of-the-world form, it wouldn’t be easy to take the pressure of doing good in the league.

Nunez just needs some time to get back his confidence and hope it wouldn’t be so long till he gets his goal-scoring form back.

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