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Rafael Nadal, the second-ranked player in the world, has jumped onto the ATP Finals practice court in Turin. Due to an injury, the 22-time Major champion missed last year’s opening ATP event in northern Italy. Next week, I’m hoping for a h*t run.

Rafa is competing against Carlos Alcaraz and Stefanos Tsitsipas for the year’s top ranking, which is the biggest title he currently lacks. The Spaniard has only participated in six matches since withdrawing before the Wimbledon semifinal due to an abdominal issue.

He arrived early in Turin with the intention of challenging for the championship and capping off an outstanding campaign. With an unimpressive 20-16 record and no clear winning recipe, Nadal will compete in ATP Finals for the eleventh time.

Due to injuries, the Spaniard has missed numerous ATP Finals matches. Perhaps his finest runs occurred in 2010 and 2013 when he lost to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in finals. Additionally, including his most recent trip to London in 2020, he placed in the semifinals four times. When he had a great opportunity to defeat Daniil Medvedev and move on to the title match.

For a perfect start to 2022, the Spaniard won the Australian Open and Roland Garros and advanced to the Wimbledon semifinals. Rather than aiming for a third consecutive Major victory, Due to an abdominal rip of seven millimeters, Nadal withdrew before his match against Nick Kyrgios.

In October, around the time he became a father, he lost both his rhythm and form. In Cincinnati’s second round, Nadal lost after skipping Toronto. At the US Open, he was successful in three matches, but his serving and performance were hindered by pain.

Currently, Rafa is in Turin

The 2022 ATP Finals, which begin on November 13 in Turin, is now taking place. Speaking with the Brazilian media outlet Rafael Nadal.

 “I’m happy playing tennis. I still keep my love for the sport, the passion.

If my body allows it, I will continue to enjoy my day-to-day career as a professional tennis player. When that’s no longer possible, it’s time to think about other things. For now, I still feel satisfaction and passion for tennis,”

he stated.

“Each title is different, each moment you enjoy in a particular way,”

he added.

“This year, I experienced exciting moments in winning the Australian Open and at Roland Garros. It was a very good year, but difficult at the same time, as I had physical problems.

But, if I put all this into context, it was an unforgettable year. I reached 22 Grand Slam titles at Roland Garros, an unforgettable moment for me, due to all the issues surrounding the tournament.”

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