Why are teams so much interested in Oscar Piastri?

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Oscar Piastri has been a center of attention ever since the Alpine F1 announcement fiasco. But what makes Piastri distinct from the rest?

Alpine F1 announced that Oscar Piastri would be driving for them in 2023. However, later the same day Oscar tweeted his refusal stating that he had no plans to do so.

Ever since the tweet the F1 drivers market is on fire with every new announcement giving anticipation on the future of Piastri.

Nevertheless, even after the announcement of Williams F1, the situation is still unclear. It certainly seems that Piastri is going away from Alpine F1 but who is he gonna drive for in 2023? Why are the teams so much interested in the Australian?

Is Oscar Piastri worth all the fuss?

As it seems, three teams might be chasing the Australian racer with McLaren being the latest addition to the list.

Nevertheless, is Piastri really worth fighting for? Does the Australian deserve all the attention he is getting?

One word answer to that would be yes. Even though Oscar Piastri has never driven in an F1 race, he still deserves the fame he is getting. He is undoubtedly the most deserving non-f1 racing driver at the moment to race in Formula 1.

The 21-year-old has impeccable records in racing. The rookie attracted attention as he won Formula Renault, Formula 3, and Formula 2, all in consecutive years!

This is an accomplishment achieved by no one in recent years! Even George Russell and Charles Leclerc couldn’t achieve this accomplishment as the duo also won F3 and F2 in consecutive years.

The race pace attracted the attention of team principals.

Looking at his talent the Alpine academy signed him for the F2 season in 2021. Piastri went on to dominate the 2021 F2 season, winning it by 60 points.

Ever since everyone has been waiting for Piastri’s F1 debut. However, Alpine couldn’t offer the seat as Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso had a contract for 2022. This put the 21-year-old on hold for a season.

But as soon as Alonso announced the team to switch to Aston Martin following the retirement of Vettel in the 2023 season, it vacant a seat for Piastri to make his debut with Alpine in 2023.

However, things didn’t go smoothly from here as Piastri somewhat rejected the offer and “betrayed” Alpine.

Moreover, he is now even linked to McLaren where he might be replacing his Australian counterpart Daniel Ricciardo!

The summer break has just started and the fans are definitely loving all the developments for the ‘silly season’.

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