Williams F1 ‘teases’ as Piastri-Alpine contract fiasco continues

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The announcement-denial between Alpine F1 and Oscar Piastri is keeping everyone entertained and amidst all this Williams F1 did a little ‘tease’ of the announcement.

The Formula 1 market is completely stirred ever since Fernando Alonso left Alpine. News keeps coming, and teams signing drivers.

One such news came on 2nd August 2022 with Alpine announcing that they have ‘promoted’ Oscar Piastri to an F1 driver alongside Esteban Ocon. Well, most people were expecting this ever since Alonso left Alpine.

However, the twist came in the story when Oscar Piastri denied the fact saying he had not signed any contract with Alpine F1. He further elaborated that he won’t be racing for Alpine in the 2023 season.

This really raised many eyebrows in the F1 market as pundits wonder who Piastri might be racing for the 2023 season and why Alpine did such an announcement without talking to Piastri first.

Anyways, Williams ‘teased’ the F1 community amidst all this saying a ‘big announcement’ coming in at 15:00 UK local time.

F1 world wondered if it was related to Piastri as Williams F1 was before indicating signing Piastri for the 2023 season. However, Alonso’s move changed quite a lot of things, didn’t it?

It turned out the little ‘tease’ Williams played was nothing but an expected extension of Alex Albon’s contract.

Williams F1 signed a multi-year deal with Alex Albon for 2023 and beyond.

Alex Albon also joins Williams F1

Alex Albon also took on twitter doing a little ‘trolling’ himself. Albon tweeted:

“I understand that, with my agreement, Williams Racing have put out a press release this afternoon that I am driving for them next year. This is right and I have signed a contract with Williams for 2023. I will be driving for Williams next year.”

“let’s gooo”

Intimating Piastri’s tweet which said the opposite in context with Alpine F1, Albon trolled the fiasco.

The summer break has just started and it is definitely keeping us all amused. Let’s see more off-track news and stories as they come.

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