“World class” Chelsea player is currently open to leaving, and his agent is negotiating with other clubs

After spending just over a year with Chelsea, Enzo Fernandez is reportedly thinking about leaving Stamford Bridge, per Football Transfers. After joining Chelsea in January of last year, Fernandez served as the record signing for a brief period of time. However, the transfer of Moises Caicedo soon eclipsed that fee.

The aim for signing them looked clear , to pair the two together and form on paper one of the most impressive midfields in world football.

However, it would be reasonable to argue that they have fallen short of the expectations that surrounded two players with their price tags. Even though they haven’t exactly been a total bust.

Nonetheless, Fernandez’s talent was evident to everyone who watched them play during Argentina’s World Cup victory. For certain of his performances, he has already earned the distinction of being called “world-class.”

Enzo Fernandez is open to leave now

For the past two years, the Chelsea team as a whole have been declining. That’s why it is evident that many players are not happy with the circumstances.

One of their most talented players, Fernandez, is reportedly thinking about leaving the team. His agents are already in contact with other clubs, according to the report. Given the amount of money spent on him, it is obvious that they had a great deal of faith in him to perform. So, his departure would be a devastating blow to the team at this point.

It is undeniable, though, that manager Mauricio Pochettino could be making far better use of his skill set during games. He has discovered that he can play further forward than his strengths allow him to, and this appears to be restricting both Caicedo’s and his game.

For Chelsea, a successful season finale could be crucial. It’s also now very unclear at this point of time, whether Pochettino will be in charge of things towards the end of the season.

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