‘You can either have pace or control’: Zaheer and Agarkar deliver a verdict on Umran Malik’s ODI debut as NZ beat India

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Umran Malik recently debuted for India in ODI against New Zealand. He is known for his speed and is also known as a pace gun. Hailing from Jammu Kashmir, he is a talented young bowler. Zaheer Khan and Ajit Agarkar recently commented about him and his bowling.

Zaheer and Agarkar on Umran Malik’s bowling

Zaheer Khan’s statements,

“He was great. He started very well. And the pace which everyone has been talking about that is his strength, he backed it. Towards the latter half, there are some learnings for sure but it’s just the first game for him at this level. It is about going out there, enjoying the moment and giving it all. I think he had a good debut. You can overlook the runs right now but what is important for a bowler like him, who is bowling at that kind of pace, it is the wicket-taking intent. That was good, and the body language was good too. All the little fine-tuning he will figure as he moves along in his career. But what’s important is that he should back his strength and look to bowl as quick as possible. He showed decent control and should continue with that.”

Agarkar states,

“When someone is as raw as he is, I think he had a brilliant day. I agree with Zak because he gave India the control and the wickets which kept them in the game. 306 as Shreyas said India thought they were above par but with the dimensions of the ground, when there is a set batter, it becomes difficult to stop. He got India the wickets they needed – Conway and then Mitchell – so he got India back in the game, bowled exceptionally well.”

Basically, both legends praised his debut performance. They want him to bowl as quick as possible but not only speedily but with incorrect line and length. A good line and length are necessary for grabbing wickets. In his debut match, he took the wicket of Convey and Mitchel and gave a good pause to Kiwis batting. He has to improve in the sphere of the economy. India should guide him and train him properly in order to mold him as a good bowler.

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