Jurgen Klopp hails 19-year old Liverpool player having so much potential

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp praises the potential of 19-year old Stefan Bajcetic. Despite being on the sideline for weeks, Bajcetic is undoubtedly a player with potential that Klopp is looking for in future. The Spaniard has been injured since the final weeks of the previous season. Moreover, it is now looking that something is still growing pains for him. Speaking in pre-Luton Town press conference, Klopp reassured fans that Bajcetic is still in his future plans.

We don’t know,” said the Reds boss when asked about when Bajcetic will be fit again.

“With Stefan it’s again one of these things. Let me say it like that: Stefan’s quality, potential, talent everybody could see and it’s incredible. What a player. But the body was not ready yet. That’s how it is, they’re still growing these boys.”

“We just have to put the brake in again and wait until it’s all fine and then Liverpool FC have a wonderful player, a wonderful player to use. But there’s absolutely no time [frame] to put on that and we will not. We just have to wait.

“He’s here, he’s training, he’s doing his stuff. We know how good he is and now we have to make sure that we help him to get the body to show that, not only once but then three times a week and we will get there.”

However, Liverpool have loads of options for their midfield to cover up his absence. Nevertheless, it is disappointing to see such a potential not being able to play. Obviously, it is not anyone’s fault and Klopp will be happy to wait for Stefan with so much alternatives on the bench.

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