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Founded: 18th February 2021

The world of sports is now fast and ever-changing. That’s why we at Six Sports also believe that our fans and readers want every news on their favourite sports as quickly as possible. We cover all major cricketing, footballing, tennis and Formula 1 events so that our fans can get the latest updates.

That’s why we are doing just that for the past two years. We have included a wide variety of sports in our domain that is catering to everyone’s tastes. Our team of dedicated sports writers are writing news round the clock to keep you updated.

Under us, we are covering sports like footballcricket, tennis, Formula 1 and even the Olympics. Also, we try to give fully undiluted news and keep it authentic as well. We believe that our fans and readers should stay up to date all through the day.

We have a great passion for all the happenings in the world of sports and are always on the lookout to include even more in our already huge ensemble. Moreover, we are also on social media where we provide the latest updates in the world of sports to our fans and readers.

Furthermore, we have a huge fan following on our social media pages where the fun never stops. We also don’t want our fans and readers to stay out of touch at any point of time and we constantly work towards that goal.


Our vision is to create an environment where our fans can connect daily with the world of sports without having to pay any subscription fees. We want everyone to be together as a team and participate in making our vision for this website stronger.


Our mission is to give undiluted news to our fans and news that gives greater connect to them as well. We are trying to add even more sports so that even more fans and readers connect with us.


If you want to join us, feel free to do so through our various social media profiles. The links for all of them are mentioned below-

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