Kepa Arrizabalaga nearly gave Real Madrid fans a terrible first impression

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Real Madrid recently gave Kepa Arrizabalaga a chance on the pitch, a chance he nearly fumbled right at the start.bThe new Chelsea loan Kepa Arrizabalaga recently found himself on the field as Thibaut Courtois was no longer available. The goalkeeper suffered from a major rupture in his knee which will take a major chunk of the season to heal. And the 31 year old is also expecting surgery in the upcoming days.

This was Kepa’s chance to prove his worth to the team. However, it nearly became a permanent stain in his record. Indeed, at the 3 minute mark, Strand Larsen was able to hit the net. This goal however was later confirmed to be a foul, which may seem confusing to some. However the different camera angles make it clear that there was an obstruction. Kepa claimed Larsen was tugging at his shirt, thus hindering his ability to punch with full force. The VAR later confirmed the statement on the 5 minute mark.

With that very stressful series of events resolved, the player was able to maintain a clean sheet. As Jude Bellingham broke the stalemate at the 81st minute, earning his team the win. After nearly making the team start their game at a disadvantage, the goalkeeper may not be in the best of places mentally. A statement that relies heavily on the fans’s reaction. Fortunately, Real Madrid fans seem very understanding of Kepa situation and are very competent of the goalkeeper’s abilities.

However, the club has decided to leave the player at the bench for their following game. There is nothing that this match influenced the making of that decision yet. Thus Kepa will certainly find his way back on the pitch, as Courtois’ position is still vacant.

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