Sanjay Bangar: SKY doesn’t have a clear head during 25th to 40th over

Suryakumar Yadav

SKY doesn’t have a clear head during the 25th to 40th over says former Indian cricketer Sanjay Bangar.


The former all-rounder of India Sanjay Bangar expressed that SKY struggles to perform between 25th and 40th overs. In addition, he also emphasized that SKY’s performance in the T20 format is different from that of ODI cricket.

Chatting on Star Sports, Sanjay Bangar Stated

“He has already said that Rahul Dravid is there, and he has spoken to him. The biggest factor is that boundaries don’t come that easily in the middle part of the innings. When three or four wickets go, then how do you find the boundaries is the big problem because the ball becomes old? In a T20 match, the ball remains solid for the entire innings. In ODIs, in the last five overs for each team, the ball becomes soft because of which you don’t get boundaries that easily” 

he further added

“And the second thing is, every batsman needs to find that formula on how to score runs. And Suryakumar Yadav is a versatile player, that he definitely targets boundaries and where to hit them. He has a very good idea of where to hit them, but if there is one thing he needs to do, it is to find out how to bat between the 25th and the 40th over. I don’t think he is clear in his head and heart about how to score runs in this period

“He can play like he does in the T20 format, but if wickets fall, he needs to find out how to rotate strike between the 25th and the 40th over, and he needs to find his own method to score runs here which he is obviously thinking about”

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