Former Footballer want to forget his time at Old Trafford


Former footballer Nick Powell admits that he wants to forget his time at Old Trafford as he would change about his time there.

Powells arrived into the scene in the late 2010. He is shy kind of a person as never talked to a media team.

His last tweet came on February 2021 and has only two instagram post. However Powell now opens about his own journey and judges it as a ” boring one”.

Powell opened about his former lifestyle and said :-

“Premier League players get such a nice wage but if they don’t look after themselves, their lifestyle is never going to match what they’ll get paid after retirement. It’s all about trying to get the best of both worlds. Keep your lifestyle and spend money, but let’s find a middle ground of maintaining it for 20 years after.”

“You don’t want to be 35 with three kids down saying, ‘s**t where’s my next income coming from?’ because it’s only going to put stress on your marriage and the relationship with your kids.

“The stats around Premier League footballers are mad. A high percentage go bankrupt, so why would you not want to push someone early enough to say.

“It’s funny. I’ve always said I never ever want to be involved in football after football for two reasons.

“One is I don’t like the industry but two, when you stay within football, let’s say a member of the coaching staff or a kitman, the hours are so much worse for obviously less pay. And you think, ‘Why would I do that?

“It sounds ridiculous. Why would I want to do more hours in an industry that I think is toxic for less money? ”

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