Neville claims Middle-east takeover at United is not happening

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Former United defender and pundit Gary Neville claims Sheikh Jassim has withdrawn his bid in the process to buy Manchester United.

From November 2002, United have been up for sale by the Glazer’s Group. The Qatari Bank has reportedly offered a bid of £5 billion for the English outfit but further talks over the purchase have been stopped.

As per reports, Sheikh Jasim has withdrawn his firm’s name from the race, which includes British Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe. He always mentioned that he was only interested in 100% shares of the club.

Speaking on X, Neville explained the situation and said :-

“The news last night of the Qatari withdrawal leaves United on the brink of a minority investment.

“Can this really work and what impact will it have on a struggling organisation?

“It’s worth setting out my non-negotiables on a takeover of United that I made over a year ago.

“1. A new sporting project 2. A new or redeveloped Old Trafford 3. A New training ground 4. Full redevelopment of the surrounding land to create a United World and amazing fan experience 5. Pay off the debt and stop taking dividends until the above is done.

“I’m adding a 6th due to events in the last 2-3 years. 6. The club requires leadership that is statesmanlike on major issues that enables a fairer, more inclusive and diverse game. Leadership that builds a positive environment and culture whilst adhering to the clubs values and principles and one that is willing to make tough decisions to prevent an erosion in the clubs public image.

“How does a minority stakeholder positively impact the club to achieve the above? Can a minority shareholder have any impact on the above. It leaves more questions than answers.

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