Trent Alexander-Arnold should play in the midfield – Gary Linekar

Former footballer and pundit Gary Linekar claims that Trent Alexander-Arnold should play in the midfield for Liverpool this season.

Trent is one of the most promising name in the Premier League for last couple campaigns. However, the full-back is under lot scrutiny due to his defensive attributes.

Hence, there’s been a lot of debate around him as some criticise him for being to fragile at the back whereas other’s praise him for his monstrous passing range. Former Red Gary Linekar is one of Trent’s admirers and he suggests that the 24-year-old has lot of time to improve his game.

Speaking on No Ratings Podcast, Linekar discussed about the Liverpool full-back:-

“I’ve said that ever since I saw him.”

“From right-back he’s limited with his incredible passing range because you can only pass to the left. When you play in the middle you can go both ways and he would be much better. He grew up as a midfield player and by chance he got an opportunity at right-back and did exceptionally well. Is he the best defender in football? Absolutely not, but you say they can’t win with him at right-back, they’ve won plenty with him there. I do feel myself personally that he should be in midfield, in there as a playmaker he could absolutely dominate.”

Trent already showed good signs of form whenever he is deployed in the midfield by manager Jurgen Klopp. He has always been good while Reds are attacking up the field in opposition half.

His huge number of assists in last couple of campaigns is due to Trent’s brilliant attacking prowess.

However, Trent Alexander-Arnold is currently one of the best right-backs in the world and changing his role in future will be a huge decision in his career.

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