Super League: ‘Big six’ is set to rejoin the Super League

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Nine of the 12 clubs who were part of the breakaway European Super League have rejoined the European Club Association (ECA). Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, and Chelsea will now be the member of ECA. It’s likely that these clubs will be joined by Atletico Madrid, Inter, and AC Milan.

Meanwhile, Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid have always backed the Super League. A few weeks ago all the clubs released a statement regarding the same. Moreover, the three clubs have taken legal steps to avoid disciplinary action from UEFA.

A commercial court in Madrid claims that sanctioning the three clubs would be against the European Union competition law. Meanwhile, the European Court of Justice will make the final decision by next year.

How much were the English Clubs fined for leaving the Super League?

The nine clubs tried to back out of the whole Super League situation. But they had signed a contract and agreed to pay the fines for their actions for a combined total of £12.7m. Moreover, they are also obliged to give up five percent of revenue for one season playing in Europe. In a move to prevent them from deploying the Super League threat again, the clubs have also agreed to be fined €100m if they seek again to play in an unauthorized competition. Also, an additional €50m if they breach any other commitments to UEFA as part of the settlement.

The president of Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al-Khelaifi is the chairman of ECA. PSG never signed up to the Super League. Previously Agnelli served as Executive Member and Chairman of the European Club Association. Soon after the introduction of ESL Agnelli had to resign from his position as the chairman of Juventus Football Club. Over the past decade, the ECA has become a very powerful authority.

To sum up, it looks the nine clubs are looking to make this Super League project a reality. At the moment Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid are pursuing legal action against Uefa.

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