Alan Shearer Critiques Colwill in Chelsea’s Loss to Man United

In a clash between Manchester United and Chelsea, Alan Shearer spotlighted Levi Colwill’s defensive lapses, particularly during Scott McTominay’s crucial goal. McTominay’s header at the 69th minute sealed the 2-1 victory for the Red Devils. Despite a fair VAR review, Colwill’s fall and weak defense drew Shearer’s ire.

The game started with an early opportunity for United, as Bruno Fernandes failed to convert a penalty. Manchester United eventually took the lead in the 19th minute through McTominay, but Cole Palmer equalized just before halftime.

The pivotal moment came when Alejandro Garnacho set up McTominay for the decisive goal. Shearer criticized Colwill’s defending, emphasizing the defender’s failure to handle the situation at the back post. Alan Shearer noted both players grappling, dismissing any VAR intervention possibilities.

While acknowledging Colwill’s defensive blunder, Shearer didn’t solely blame him. The overall poor performance of Chelsea, marked by missed chances and a lackluster attack, contributed to the disappointing loss. Shearer expressed concern about hindering the team’s progress with such performances.

Despite the criticism, Shearer conveyed confidence in Colwill’s potential for improvement. Recognizing the trust bestowed by manager Mauricio Pochettino, Shearer viewed Colwill’s mistake as a learning opportunity for the young center-back.

In conclusion, Shearer’s analysis of the United-Chelsea clash highlighted Colwill’s defensive shortcomings, the crucial role of McTominay’s goal, and concerns about Chelsea’s overall performance. While a learning curve for Colwill, Shearer emphasized the need for the team to address its broader issues to secure future success.

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