Charles Leclerc comments on Mattia Binotto’s sacking reports

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Charles Leclerc finished P2 in the drivers’ standings after a rather tough year.

Ferrari and Charles Leclerc went off to a strong start this season. However, Ferrari soon lost momentum and couldn’t keep up with the development of red bull.

Regardless, Leclerc would be happy enough to at least finish the championship in P2. The Monegasque was well within a championship fight at one stage. However, by the end of the season, Leclerc was even fighting for a P2 finish and so was Ferrari.

The team made a considerable amount of strategic blunders gaining scrutiny from fans. Team principal Mattian Binotto came into the line of fire as a result. Reports indicating the possible sacking of Binotto started surfacing although Ferrari was quick to dispose of such rumors.

Leclerc avoids commenting

Charles Leclerc not clearly commented on the reports keeping himself away. However, he did stress that the communication within the team needs to improve:

“I’ve learned not to think about it and not to comment,”

Leclerc told L’Equipe.

“But generally the best approach is for everyone to be on the same wavelength to make the right decisions together.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean changing people, but it’s about the way communication works between engineers, which needs to be clearer,”

he added.

In Abu Dhabi Leclerc finished P2 to secure his second position keeping red bull’s Sergio Perez at bay in the Drivers’ standings.

Binotto admits to making mistakes

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto admitted about the mistakes the team made in decision-making. However, the Italian is hopeful the team’s decision to shift its attention to the 2023 car before the rivals prove worthy:

“Yes, we made mistakes, but you can hide that better if you have a fast and reliable car,”

the Italian insisted.

Red Bull had a clearer path because they only had to reduce the weight of the car,”

Binotto added.

“For us it was more difficult because we had to improve the aerodynamic concept.

“Did we make the right decision with our priorities between 2022 and 2023? Only 2023 will tell us if it was the right decision.”

Can Ferrari finally challenge again for the title after over a decade of being outside the competition? Moreover, can Scuderia also tackle the resurging Mercedes problem?

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