Chelsea only has four points this season, confirming prior speculations


Chelsea is experiencing a terrible season currently, with only four points in four Premier League games. This was caused by an issue most saw coming.

In an effort to avoid the embarrassment of last season, the Blues attempted to change their strategy. Most attributed the club’s failure last season to their reliance on experienced but old players, which led to their underwhelming performance. The club’s plan this year is quite the opposite.

The club made over £300 million worth of transfers this season, bringing in fresh players for practically every position. Which is the root of the present issue.

Back before the beginning of the season, many came to the now correct conclusion that making such a “renovation” to the roster with undoubtedly lead to a team lacking in chemistry, which is what we saw this season. Both fans and players alike made comments on the matter.

Why this season might be another Chelsea flop

There were many interesting views on the matter, but none could summarize the bulk of the matter as the comments of former Chelsea defender William Gallas.

“You can’t win the Premier League with only young players who don’t have experience. You need a mix. Only 4 players have that experience to help win the Premier League: Thiago Silva, Raheem Sterling, Reece James and Ben Chilwell. All the rest are young.” He stated on Twitter (X).

Indeed, signing all of these new players for contracts lasting an average of 5 years may be fruitful in the long term, but it makes winning the current Premier League an unreachable goal.

The Blues sadly went from one extremity to another, which only replaced their past issue with a new one. Thus making no improvement in the grand scheme of things.

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