Chelsea’s target was moved to tears after his defeat in the World Cup

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Ecuador’s midfielder who is also one of Chelsea’s interests for the transfer window was spotted crying on the pitch after Ecuador’s exit from the World Cup. The 21-year-old player has been linked heavily with a move to Chelsea. Unfortunately, his time in the World Cup has ended despite losing one game in the group stages. Ecuador fell short of Senegal even with their draw with Netherlands and a victory over Qatar. Chelsea’s new signing Kalidou Koulibaly was the one who scored the goal that pushed the Ecuador team to the group stages of the campaign after 20 years. Caicedo’s team was on the brink of qualifying for the group stages so it was gut-wrenching for the player to be knocked out of the competition.

Chelsea’s interest was seen crying

The Chelsea interest looked quite distraught at the end of their match, as the realization hit him that his tournament was officially over. It was definitely a disappointment for the Brighton midfielder to be knocked out of the group stages even after performing so well in the competition. The Ecuador midfielder will now focus on domestic football, with Brighton having a good season so far. This World Cup surely have increased the midfielder’s reputation and many clubs will surely be interested to sign the player. Chelsea was already linked with a deal earlier this season. The former Brighton manager was already impressed with the player before so it’s no surprise to see him want to bring the player to his new team.

With N’golo Kante and Jorginho’s contracts expiring, the Blues look forward to signing new midfielders this transfer window. This could also be a solution for the longtime problem that the Blues have been suffering.

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