Manchester City Unshakeable in Sponsorship Success Despite Nearly 100 Charges

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Manchester City has managed to maintain its sponsorship success despite facing charges for breaking financial fair play rules multiple times. The allegations have not deterred major sponsors like cryptocurrency firm OKX and Japanese beer giant Asahi, who have signed lucrative deals with the club. With expected revenues surpassing £700m for the 2023/24 season. Nevertheless, Manchester City’s ability to attract business partners raises the question of what drives their sustained appeal in the face of serious accusations.

City Sponsorship Success Amid Allegations

It has been five months since the Premier League charged Manchester City with around a hundred alleged financial breaches. However, there appears to be little visible impact on the club’s operations. The players and staff continue with their usual routines, showing no signs of concern over the grave nature of the allegations.

Despite the gravity of the allegations, Manchester City continues to attract significant sponsors, such as cryptocurrency firm OKX and Japanese beer giant Asahi. This trend is not limited to a few exceptional cases; the club has seen renewals and new partnerships, including Japanese tire company Nexen and Chinese electricals firm Midea.

The Multi-Club Model and Diverse Markets

City’s remarkable success on the pitch plays a vital role in attracting sponsors. Memorable moments, like Erling Haaland passing a bottle of champagne to his dad to celebrate the Premier League title, generate widespread attention. Additionally, the prominence of Asahi’s special beer in the players’ social media posts further enhances the sponsors’ exposure and brand value.

Another key factor in Manchester City’s sponsorship success is its multi-club model within the City Football Group. This model allows sponsors to reach diverse markets by extending partnerships to other CFG clubs and the women’s team. Trading company Axi has extended its coverage to include other CFG clubs and the women’s team. Furthermore, British baby gear brand Joie has struck an exclusive deal with the women’s team. The multi-club model expands the benefits for sponsors and strengthens their partnerships with City.

Contrary to expectations, the cloud of allegations has not hindered Manchester City’s financial growth. The club is poised to surpass £700m in expected revenues for the 2022/23 season. This will set a new record for British clubs. The success will be further testament to City’s strong commercial appeal and global fan base.

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