Mauricio Pochettino claims that he will ‘never’ take Arsenal manager job

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino says he will never take the managerial job of Arsenal. Pochettino was speaking about managing other Premier League teams but had strong words for Arsenal. Former Tottenham boss is now in-charge of the Stamford Bridge. Though, he is widely known for his work with Tottenham side reaching Champions League final in 2019. Furthermore, the love of Mauricio for Tottenham was clearly visible in his speech during the talk. Though, he had some frank words for Arsenal.

Speaking in his press conference ahead of this weekend’s action, Pochettino got into the subject of club management. He said,

“Clubs I’ll never manage was Arsenal because I considered them the worst enemy of Tottenham. It’s strange to come back because always the feeling after four years, it’s going to be a happy day but that is life and we need to move on. We are professional but at the same time we are human.

“We were talking about the four months we are working together and creating some links and maybe we spend five or six years together, if I’m sacked why are we going to forget our relationship? That is how we build our history.”

Of course, Arsenal fans are happy enough with their own boss, Mikel Arteta at the moment. But this little dig might just spark a few past flames in some fans. Although, Hotspurs are doing it well under Ange, some fans will still have Mauricio etched in their hearts with what he achieved. Moreover, he nearly got a victory over Gunners a few weeks back.

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